To be able to offer the best quality product it was necessary to develop a stable import strategy. Through all those years we were constantly searching for best suppliers in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and Norway.
Diverse and always top quality second-hand and outlet clothes bought from our abroad business partners guarantees satisfaction of our customers.
We constantly expand our offer, but that is not everything. In order to ensure, except from good quality clothes, the best service quality, we have built a modern logistic centre in Budzyn and a second branch with big warehouse in Wodzislaw Slaski.
Such a territorial coverage enables us to fulfil your orders faster and with better professionalism.


During the 12 years of importing the second-hand clothing form all of Europe we gained experience to become the leader on the market. ANGORA developed a name that is recognized all over Poland. The name that many shops and wholesalers trust. We are also a reliable business partner for our abroad suppliers, who ensure the best quality of clothes in every load.

The import of clothes form the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Norway and other Western European countries must cover the needs of the final customer. Only diverse and varied offer will make the customer return to your shop. Our company offers products where everyone can find something what they need. Our main goal is to ensure the highest quality of delivered goods. A careful selection of places where we conduct the loadings, makes our customers receive clothes that guarantees good sale and profits.


We enriched our offer of second-hand clothes by new outlet clothing, where you can find most the most popular European brands.
We have gained trust of many shops and wholesalers in Poland and in Europe. We do our best to keep friendly relations with our partners. We base on reciprocity. You trust us, we help you.
Despite the fact that we distribute second-hand and outlet clothing, we also offer advice about clothing market. We will help you put your first steps in this demanding business sharing our experience and knowledge.
If you are just beginning your adventure with second-hand business or you want to expand your offer by outlet clothing, we will provide you with support you desire.

With us your business will flourish

Angora firma

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